Meet Us

Akanksha Rajput

Akanksha is a maternity, newborn, baby photographer and founder at Alluring Lens Studios. Photography has been a part of her life since the day she got her first camera, a Nikon D3500, almost 10 years back. The professional bent came when she became a mom in 2019.

She is involved in all the aspects of her work - from creating setups, weaving props, designing clothes, post-processing and everything in-between. But above all this, she is a mom first and has a 5 year old daughter, and values the time when one is expecting and gives her 200% in creating those moments the best moments of one's life.

Anchal Rajput

Anchal is the co-founder at Alluring Lens Studios. Anchal is involved in all aspects of her work - from handling Social Media, marketing, designing clothes, styling, post-processing and everything in between. She considers her design sense and attention to detail as her most valuable asset.

She completed her B.Sc. in Biotech from Jain University and then got certified in Makeup from Delhi. She also becomes a model sometimes when a new concept needs to be executed. Her passion is to take Alluring Lens Studios to the next level.

In her own words:

"Capturing the magic and excitement of childbirth is one of the most awe-inspiring moments of human existence, as it represents the future of the world. My experience in photography has been honed over time, allowing me to expertly document this journey with elegance and attention to detail, resulting in images that become treasured memories for a lifetime.

My approach to photography goes beyond simply taking photos. I work closely with my clients to create a perfect model, offering complete makeovers and handpicking and crafting costumes to flatter their body types and enhance their elegance.

Clients can choose from variety of setups available in the home studio along with props and accessories.

However, the most important aspect of my photography comes after the shooting process. With my acquired skills in post-processing, I am able to add a touch of magic to each moment, resulting in truly unforgettable and precious images."

On a personal front:

"Having been an artist from a young age, with a background in painting and architecture, it was natural for her to gravitate towards photography as a profession. Her interest in photography began at a young age, nurtured by her father's passion, and later fueled by her desire to capture the precious moments of her growing daughter.

With persistence, she honed her skills and has clicked countless shots, creating stunning pictures for clients from all walks of life. Based in Bangalore, she has traveled throughout South India, and has gained a reputation as a highly skilled maternity and newborn photographer. Despite a short career span, she has already won numerous accolades for her accomplishments."